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by 3dcart

Price: $199.00
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No matter how many themes you look at today, it will be hard to find one that is better than Cazza. Cazza is a brand new 3dcart template that features a very modern, minimalist design. Pure, clean and packed full of enhanced ecommerce features, Cazza is the perfect choice for those who want their store to be the ecommerce equivalent of artistically stunning.
Featuring a Dropdown Menu
Support Information
Phone: 1.800.828.6650
Reviews (3)

Was given this theme for Free as part of my sign-up incentive. All of the Top Links are not working upon installation. Have not called tech support yet to see why but because they automatically a solicitation to offer feedback on this theme, here it is. I would be very bummed if I had actually paid for this theme. I am still on the fence about using 3DCart mainly because all of the themes seems to be funky or glitchy in some way. The up side is that, so far, even if it takes a few tries, there are tech supporters who seem to know what they are doing and can fix just about anything that might not be working. And, being someone who would like it if it just worked in the first place, 3DCart seems more and more like a shopping cart solution that is best suited for people who are somewhat of a computer geek and like to go into the back-end of piece of software and tweak it to their hearts content.

--- from Planet Earth. on 7/28/2014

This template is just the ticket for my business. Clean looks with a good product layout page. Has perfectly placed header, footer, and category lines making it easy for my customers to use and navigate. Using single page checkout with a series of those handy store modules. Every customer from my previous website platform has commented on how much they like this 3dcart format and the checkout process. This template passed Google's Mobile-Friendly Test that is figuring into the mobile phone searches. You can test the template on the Google Webmasters Tools webpage. The Google Webmaster Blog dated 2014-11 talks about users finding mobile friendly pages while searching. The header line is limited to 7 page links, but that works ok for me. My footer currently has 8 page links. My customers like to purchase from specific lines, so the Manufacturer links on the left are perfect. The HTLM5 code is not perfectly error free yet, 3dcart is working some fixes as I write this review for the item count display in the cart if you sell fractional items. Also the radio products options button was not working, but 3dcart has already fixed this problem. I am confident that a resolution is forthcoming for fractional items. Don't let it deter you from purchasing this template, the layout is great.

--- from Dillon, Montana. on 3/8/2015

clean, clear layout. Requires customizing using HTML.

--- from west orange. on 12/8/2015
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